We build alliances

We help large organisations to form strategic alliances with technology partners.


Forming alliances to build tomorrow’s world

Our role at RaiseLab is to support and guide value creation between larger organisations (such as large and mid-sized companies, and public-sector bodies), and technology sector firms such as start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs.

To achieve this, we have developed unique expertise in supporting the formation of such alliances and collaboration, making use too of a diverse ecosystem and a unique location in the shape of our Maison RaiseLab premises.

Our mission

Large organisations: form strategic alliances to support your transformation

RaiseLab is the leading outfit of its kind dedicated to supporting and guiding large companies in partnering with start-ups.

Our role is to meet their strategy challenges by devising, building and bringing such alliances to fruition.


Put effective systems and processes in place for your existing and future alliances

Help your strategic partnerships to take shape and then succeed


assignments completed since 2019


of assignments in 2023 have a positive-impact dimension


of assignments have an international component

Our clients include

The Raiselab House

Located in the heart of Paris, in the République district, Maison RaiseLab is a creative and inspirational space, a “third place”, one that fosters relationships between large companies and start-ups. RaiseLab uses its expertise to bring successful collaborations to fruition, with the objectives of helping them take on a new dimension, move up a level, and create tangible, measurable value.

Including co-working spaces, enclosed offices, meeting rooms, creativity rooms, fully adaptable events spaces, a restaurant, bar and a rooftop area fitted out for social events, RaiseLab now offers its resident members and visiting event organisers all the services they need to foster discussion, dialogue and creativity, enabling large companies and start-ups to work together on building solutions for the future.

Home of the House | RaiseLab

Renting offices and co-working spaces

Coworking tray

Our offices and co-working spaces offer large companies and B2B start-ups a stimulating, dynamic and welcoming working environment, encouraging all present to talk and work together.

Holding events

Event hall

Our fully adaptable events spaces offer all the technical equipment you need to meet your needs for any type or style of event.