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We help large organisations to meet today’s challenges by forming strategic alliances with technology partners.


RaiseLab offers you support and guidance in your innovation and transformation projects

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To stay competitive, achieve strategic objectives and grasp new opportunities in an ever-changing world, large organisations need to expand outside their usual remits and open up to the outside world. At RaiseLab, we firmly believe that it is crucial for large organisations and tech players to work together to forge a sustainable and prosperous future.

Our role is to support alliances, partnerships and cooperation between businesses of all sizes (be they large or medium-sized companies, institutions, public-sector bodies, SMEs, scale-ups or start-ups), thereby ensuring that successful, high-impact innovative projects can be developed.

Our objective does not lack ambition. We help large organisations take a decisive step in their transformations by forming new alliances, thereby enabling the large-scale development of innovative, tangible, measurable projects while supporting the growth of start-ups.

Our range of business consultancy and support services

Put effective systems and processes in place for your existing and future alliances.

Help your strategic partnerships to take shape, and then to succeed.

We help you to:

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1. Put effective systems and processes in place for your existing and future alliances


To decide upon, start and then follow an alliance strategy

  • Choose the best way to achieve your objectives (make or buy)

  • Structure, size and organise the method(s) chosen (such as an incubator, accelerator, CVC, open innovation unit, etc.), and your decision-making processes


To adapt to changing opportunities and constraints

  • Evaluate your chosen method (incubator, accelerator, CVC, open innovation unit, etc.) or process, and produce recommendations

  • Fine-tune a specific aspect of a method (incubator, accelerator, CVC, open innovation unit, etc.), e.g. process, value proposition, innovation advisors, etc.

  • Redesign and restructure a method (incubator, accelerator, CVC, open innovation unit, etc.) that is not working as it should

  • Find out, and understand, how your peers are organised


To better showcase, manage and measure the value created by the system put in place

  • Assess the effectiveness of your own organisation and processes, and measure the impact

2. Help your strategic partnerships to take shape and then succeed


The range of possible options, your objectives and your roadmap

  • Examine the range of possible options under the lens of your corporate or innovation strategy

  • Explore actionable new business opportunities


Alliances with innovative, solid and aligned partners

  • Target potential alliance partners

  • Assess the soundness of potential partners and how well they fit with your strategy


Impactful alliances

  • Scope your alliance plans

  • Manage your alliance plans, from the experimentation stage (PoC) to deployment

  • Unblock or revitalise previous or current alliance plans

  • Monitor and measure the value generated by your alliances and investments

Who is RaiseLab for?

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Senior management and strategy planners

Are you looking to explore tomorrow's business landscape, anticipate and innovate in emerging markets, and turn ideas into tangible opportunities?
We support your strategy by spotting high-potential technology opportunities, setting your development priorities, and investigating the best matches for a lasting alliance.

Research and Innovation (R&I)

Are you looking to structure and accelerate your projects, and give new impetus to your innovation process?
We help you improve how your innovative projects are run, using methodologies designed for the purpose, and offer effective monitoring of success indicators.

Operations & Business Units

Are you looking for technology solutions to optimise your processes and products, or to create new business lines?
We find technology solutions and guide you through successfully integrating cutting-edge technologies to improve your operational efficiency and internal processes, and create revenue streams.

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and M&A

Are you looking to become a minority or majority shareholder in start-ups and innovative firms as a way to support your organisation's strategy?
We help you in locating your targets, optimising the investment process and keeping relations between your start-up portfolio and your organisation smooth.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Are you looking to work with innovative outfits to achieve your sustainability objectives?
We help you to increase the pace of your sustainability transformation, and assist with your challenges around decarbonisation, the circular economy, the use of greener materials, traceability, and so on.


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Why choose RaiseLab?

Proven expertise in weaving connections between large organisations and key players in innovation, across all sectors.

Tried-and-tested methods and tools for structuring and managing alliances, from devising a strategy to operational implementation.

An iterative approach that delivers tangible, practical results.

We were lucky enough to work with RaiseLab in a highly technical field that is still in its infancy

We were lucky enough to work with RaiseLab in a highly technical field that is still in its infancy, namely alternatives to intravitreal injections. Their work enabled us to significantly broaden our knowledge base and our understanding of the subject, by bringing start-ups that we hadn't previously identified to our attention. Working with RaiseLab helped us determine some new avenues for our work, and widened our view. We very much appreciated their working method, their monitoring and understanding of the subject, and how they tweaked their solutions to fit with Unither’s strategy.

RaiseLab plays a key role in our interactions with incubated start-ups

RaiseLab plays a key role in our interactions with start-ups incubated at the Green Sciences Incubator (GSI) in L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation teams, dynamically coordinating our joint projects under a working method that both provides structure and fosters constructive dialogue.

RaiseLab supported and guided us through exploring innovation opportunities

RaiseLab supported and guided us through exploring innovation opportunities around one of our three strategic subject areas. There was a dedicated team investigating opportunities in this area, shedding light on the macro-economic and technological environment to identify the most relevant trends for us. They then examined start-ups in France and elsewhere, as well as what our competitors were doing. This all made it possible for us to understand the range of possible options and include them in our roadmap.

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