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Discover the residents at Maison RaiseLab

Let's dive into the inspiring world of Joséphine Goube, the founder of Sistech, an association dedicated to the empowerment of displaced and refugee women, by creating sustainable job opportunities in the technology and digital sector.

Since 2018, Sistech has been committed to a crucial social mission, helping these women develop digital and technological skills, while facilitating their access to jobs aligned with their choices and aspirations.

For the past two years, Joséphine and her team have found their home at RaiseLab. In this captivating video, she shares the highlights and memorable experiences lived at the heart of the House. Learn how this iconic location catalyzed Sistech's work and created an ecosystem conducive to social innovation.

La Maison RaiseLab, Social Innovation Accelerator

RaiseLab, located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, goes beyond simple walls to become a place of convergence for organizations such as Sistech.

As a resident of RaiseLab, the association benefits from a unique collaborative environment. The synergies created between the various entities present promote the sharing of ideas and fruitful collaborations.

Maison RaiseLab offers much more than just a shared workspace. It is a dynamic ecosystem that promotes the emergence of innovative solutions to societal challenges, a place where pioneers like Joséphine can bring their aspirations to life.

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To discover the full testimony and highlights of Joséphine Goube at RaiseLab, watch the video below. Step into the world of social innovation, explore behind the scenes at Sistech and feel the creative energy of Maison RaiseLab.

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Do you want to be a part of this dynamic community? Maison RaiseLab opens its doors to you. Join us in this adventure where social innovation meets technological excellence.

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Joséphine Goube - vidéo