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Much more than a simple link in the chain of partnerships between large organizations and technological players, we embody a versatile and strategic role at the heart of managing the relationship between a start-up and the various departments of a large group. With an accumulated experience of two decades, our team of seasoned consultants is positioned as strategic architects, working to the convergence of interests and the achievement of the common goals of these innovation collaborations.

Facilitating communication

In this complex universe where communication is the key, we act as an expert intermediary, deploying our skills to facilitate mutual understanding between the start-up and the various departments of the large group. Ensuring clarity in goals and expectations, we establish a common language conducive to fruitful collaboration.

Coordination of actions

Our role extends to the careful coordination of efforts between purchasing, legal, business development, and other stakeholders. Our objective: to align all actions towards the common goals of collaboration, guaranteeing an optimal synergy of skills and resources.

Relationship Management

The culture of partnership thrives under the watchful eye of the consultant, who cultivates and nourishes positive relationships between the start-up and the large group. By ensuring that every interaction is constructive, we foster an environment that is conducive to innovation, based on mutual understanding and mutual respect.

Employee training

We take on the role of trainer, establishing programs aimed at preparing employees from both entities for innovation processes. Sessions on innovation culture, agile methodologies, and other relevant skills are deployed to create a team that is ready to embrace change.

Managing expectations

Managing expectations is an issue that we master. We work to anticipate stakeholder concerns, ensuring that everyone fully understands the benefits and challenges of collaboration. Transparent communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings.

Change Management

Partnerships with start-ups often involve major operational changes. In liaison with internal and external teams, we work with skill to facilitate these transitions. By communicating effectively, providing supportive resources, and mitigating resistance to change, we are leading the organization into a new era.

Compliance assurance

In close collaboration with the legal department, we ensure that each party scrupulously complies with legal and contractual obligations. This proactive approach helps to mitigate legal risks and maintain a lasting climate of trust.

Monitoring and evaluation

We never relax our vigilance. We are constantly monitoring the progress of the project, evaluating the effectiveness of the processes in place, and recommending adjustments if necessary. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the goals are achieved and that the collaboration remains aligned with the overall vision.

Managing cultural change

We position ourselves as a catalyst for the cultural change necessary to integrate innovative approaches within the large group and the start-up. This involves adjustments in mindsets, work processes, and how teams collaborate.

Conflict resolution

As a trusted intermediary, we intervene promptly to resolve any potential conflict between the start-up and the large group. Our mission is to promote equitable solutions and maintain constructive relationships, thus maintaining harmony in partnership.

Optimizing processes

In a process of continuous improvement, we work tirelessly to optimize collaboration processes. By constantly identifying opportunities for improvement, we increase operational efficiency and the added value of collaboration.

In summary

We stand as the key piece, the guarantor of the success of the collaboration between the large group and the start-up. By taking on the roles of facilitator, trainer, relationship manager, and guardian of strategic alignment, we contribute decisively to maximizing the benefits of innovation and collaboration between these two entities. In this era of transformation, we remain a strategic architect, shaping the future of innovation and growth for our partners.