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RaiseLab, a French pioneer in strategic alliances between large organizations and technological players, highlights the rapid rise of startups within large companies as part of the “Summer Tribune” by CEO Paul Jeannest published on Maddyness.

The Open Innovation Revolution

The last ten years in France have witnessed a significant evolution of Open Innovation within large organizations. This change in perspective, observed by RaiseLab over the past few months, highlights a radical awareness of the need to create strategic alliances with technology players, with startups now becoming a “must have” rather than simple non-strategic additions.

Crucial Alliances for the Future

To meet environmental, social and societal challenges, large organizations recognize the vital importance of partnering with startups and Tech players. This makes it possible to accelerate, innovate and transform the rules of the game. Emblematic examples such as Pfizer/Biontech, Microsoft/Chat GPT, or even NASA/SpaceX demonstrate the effectiveness of such collaborations.

L'Oréal's enlightening example

The article written by the media Maddyness highlights the case of L'Oréal, which, through its strategic plan” L'Oréal for the Future“, aims for total sustainability by 2030. Recognizing that it cannot achieve this ambitious goal alone, L'Oréal has set up systems, such as the Green Science Incubator, to find external technological solutions, collaborating successfully with startups such asAlgentech or Microphyt.

A Necessity for Global Leaders

Many global leaders, sharing goals similar to L'Oréal, recognize the imperative of collaborating with startups to achieve their own goals. Without these partnerships, it would be virtually impossible for these global giants to realize their strategic plans.

National Impact and Promising Initiatives

This dynamic extends to the national ecosystem, reinforced by initiatives such as the France 2030 plan and” I choose French Tech”, which RaiseLab recently became a partner. More than 250 companies, including more than 100 major groups, have already committed themselves, and the ambitious goal of bringing together 5,000 partner companies by 2027 promises an exciting future.

Through this reflection, RaiseLab underlines the crucial importance of startups in the French government's innovation and reindustrialization policy. The rest of this trend promises to be very exciting!

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