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RaiseLab, the consulting firm specializing in the creation of strategic alliances between large organizations and technological players, takes over the Early Metrics business of “Market Intelligence”, dedicated to the research and analysis of innovative technologies. This takeover is part of its growth plan to strengthen its leading position in the market.
Antoine Baschiera, co-founder of Early Metrics, joins RaiseLab as Development Director, thus transferring all his operational activities to RaiseLab.

Paris, September 7, 2023

On 1 July 2023, the first French player dedicated to supporting collaborations between large groups and startups took over the historical Market Intelligence activity of the company Early Metrics. Launched in 2014, the solution specialized in identifying and qualifying innovative partners through the rating of startups, as well as the analysis of new trends and technologies from a wide variety of sectors. Since its creation, Early Metrics has supported nearly 300 clients, mainly large groups in France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Each month, its Market Intelligence division added around 300 startups in its database, divided into 23 industries and covering 27 technologies.

Following the transfer of this activity, Early Metrics will focus on its software business, better known under the name of ScaleX. Its technology, available to banks and investment funds, capitalizes on a unique database and AI models to optimize investment decisions, from origination to exit.

A recognized player in collaborative innovation

This operation is intended to reinforce RaiseLab's leading position in supporting large French and foreign organizations in defining and deploying their strategic alliances with technological players.

More than ever, we at RaiseLab are convinced that a significant part of the transformation of large organizations involves creating strategic alliances with startups. The ambition of RaiseLab is to be the reference player to enable these large companies to build an effective and value-generating collaborative innovation strategy. Integrating the historical activity of Early Metrics is an important step in achieving our goals. ” explains Paul Jeannest, co-founder and CEO of RaiseLab.

Consulting expertise to meet all the strategic challenges of open innovation

The integration of Early Metrics' “Market Intelligence” business brings new perspectives and skills to RaiseLab's three major consulting offerings: “imagine”, “build” and “deploy” strategic alliances. The strategic analysis of existing technologies and markets in relation to the problems encountered is a critical step in achieving a successful cooperation.

This operation clearly meets RaiseLab's desire to be able to support its customers from the definition of their strategic innovation challenges, in particular through a better knowledge of existing technologies and the detection of concrete use cases with startups, to the operational deployment of these alliances through the operational deployment of these alliances through the presence of our teams on the ground. ” explains Joséphine Simeray, Director of the Consulting Practice at RaiseLab.

Thanks to its consulting expertise among its clients are decision-makers and innovation players in all sectors, RaiseLab counts among its clients: L'Oréal, LVMH, Citeo, Michelin, BNP Paribas and even CDC Habitat.

Growth plan

RaiseLab's mission is to help large organizations solve the challenges of our time by building strategic alliances with technology players. To meet this ambition, RaiseLab is pursuing a strategy of internal and external growth with the objective of offering comprehensive consulting expertise to its clients.

After the recruitment of several consultants in 2023, including that of Antoine Baschiera, co-founder of Early Metrics, as Development Director, RaiseLab therefore intends to strengthen its activity and achieve its goals of doubling its turnover in 2024.

An indispensable alliance to meet economic, climate and social challenges

The alliance between a startup and a large group is an essential lever for successful innovation. It allows a real acceleration of market access and the deployment of innovation on a large scale. This type of collaboration is more than necessary today, especially to respond to the urgency of environmental challenges. ” There has been a real change in the innovation ecosystem over the last 18 months. For the first time, we see that startups are becoming credible partners to support large organizations on strategic issues. This is particularly true when talking about industrial issues, in particular related to decarbonization. These challenges now represent an important part of RaiseLab's business. ” explains Paul Jeannest, co-founder and CEO of RaiseLab.

A new impetus for Early Metrics

Early Metrics marks a turning point in its corporate life and is orienting its investments towards the ScaleX SaaS platform, a decision encouraged by commercial successes since the software was launched in 2022. ScaleX benefits from the expertise of Early Metrics and a unique database to develop AI models at the service of investors, hitherto hampered by the absence of reliable and homogeneous data.

The platform offers banks, investment funds and CVCs tools to optimize their performance, thanks to the robustness of the algorithms and the depth of the benchmarks.

Indeed, ScaleX takes advantage of the 8k companies scored by Early Metrics and inherits backtested algorithms, which in particular make it possible to model the success factors of Tech companies.

The scope of analysis covers extra-financial criteria, ESG analysis and valuation estimates. More specifically, the solution addresses the following needs:

  • Risk assessment
  • Valorization
  • ESG maturity analysis
  • Market benchmark
  • Portfolio tracking

Users of the platform use it to assess their dealflows and monitor the evolution of their portfolios.

We are committed to supporting investors in their quest for clarity and precision, while raising risk measurement standards. ” explains Sébastien Paillet, co-founder of Early Metrics.

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